Road to the Olympics


Justine Rasir

Make your future self proud đŸŒ»


  • Youth National team from u14 to u21
  • Belgian hockey national team at 18y
  • đŸ„‰ at european cup 2021
  • 6th at world championships 2022
  • đŸ„ˆat european cup 2023
  • đŸ„‡ at olympic qualifier Paris 2024

Présence en compétition

🌎 Internationale🇧đŸ‡Ș Nationale

RĂ©seaux sociaux

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I'm Justine Rasir, a 22-year-old hockey player proudly representing Belgium on the national team for the past four years. Hockey has been my passion since I can remember, and I've been fortunate enough to participate in various tournaments during my career.

As I continue on my journey, my ultimate goal is to compete in the Olympics, the wold’s biggest competitionđŸ€©

Achieving this goal requires support, including sponsorship and that’s why I'm reaching out to potential sponsors trough this platform to inquire about the possibility of partnering together to make this dream a reality. Your support would not only assist me in pursuing my Olympic aspirations but also contribute to promoting hockey in Belgium and inspiring future athletes.

Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss how we can work together to achieve our goals.



Mes besoins

  1. Je cherche des sponsors prĂȘts Ă  m’accompagner dans l’aventure des jeux olympiques


  1. Visibilité sociale média (dont relais des campagnes)
  2. Participation active aux Ă©venements
  3. Production de contenu pour l'entreprise pour de la communication interne
  4. Droit Ă  l'image pour une campagne

Mes partenaires actuels

  • Osaka hockey
  • Brussels beer project