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Charlotte Englebert

Together we are stronger


  • Bronze medal ec 2021
  • Silver medal ec 2023
  • 4th world ranking
  • Nominated best junior player 2022 world
  • Nominated best player 2023 world

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Hi, my name is charlotte (Lotte) Englebert

Very very proud hockey player of the national team of Belgium and player of Den Bosch hockey club ( Holland).

I started to train with the national team at the age of 17 and since then i have been a part of it and loving it that’s why I’ve been combining hockey with studying interior design which is a passion i discovered during COVID. Even though it's a been hard since we are now qualified for the Olympics I am still doing both !

In both my studies and my sport i love to find new ways of doing and thinking out of the box always to be at my best or find new ways to improve! I have also a real interest in food and finding the right balance between enjoying but also keeping in mind the lifestyle that an athlete has.

In my free time ( when we have some) I realised I really want to help people around get better and really like the contact wth people and spending time around a hockey pitch or talking with some fans or even being parts of sponsoring events. In conclusion just spending time with people and learning new skills.

I’m also working hard on trying to share what an athlete does/ how are they living to inspire the future generations on my social network.

Still have a lot to say but let’s keep it short and i hope i can learn about you guys a bit more!


Mes besoins

  1. Suppléments alimentaire
  2. Transport
  3. Alimentaire


  1. Visibilité sociale média (dont relais des campagnes)
  2. Participation active aux évenements
  3. Visibilité sur l'équipements, matériel, terrain, voiture,..
  4. Production de contenu pour l'entreprise pour de la communication interne

Mes partenaires actuels

  • Indian maharadja